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Why the importance of website design will grow in the next few years

Pen Hunt, 14 April 2022

When website visitors are given 15 minutes to browse a website, 66% prefer aesthetically pleasing designs to a more straightforward and plain look. But that’s only one part of the puzzle.

Businesses need websites for digital presence. And not just any website, but one that incorporates functionality, aesthetics, and content to effectively compete for a share of the market and drive business.

That said, here are some reasons why website design will only become more critical in years to come:

Website Accessibility

Website accessibility is a necessity both legally and business-wise presently. There are several precedents of high-profile brands being sued for poor accessibility in times past. And while there might still be a gray area that allows for little to no accessibility for some businesses, others have no choice.

Take one dollar deposit casinos for instance. As online casinos, their entire business model revolves around being online and having a website that users can access round the clock. As such, they can’t afford to be inaccessible, as their continuity and pull in the market depend on it.

So, website design is of both present and future scalability and of crucial importance for businesses like these.

Local Searches

Two of the core website design and development elements are keyword search and search engine optimization (SEO). These elements are necessary for how websites are ranked and their visibility.

With competition bound to get even fiercer on the digital front, keyword search and local searches will continue to drive the need for optimized website content that puts businesses first in line to draw customers.

Precedence for Customer Service

Sometimes, customers judge the service of a business by the look of their websites. The web design you choose sets the precedent for how you perceive your target market. So, a shabbily done website will convey to customers that you have no interest to help. If you can’t even try to help your business with a decent design, what’s your inclination to help them?

Think of your website as the modern customer service representation, much like greeters at a mall. If customers meet a warm ambiance with brilliant color pallets and exciting animations, they will stay longer, increasing your chances of lead conversion.

Conversely, an unappealing and buggy website with too many things going on will look like an unsafe link, making customers less likely to stay or recommend it to others.

The Competition

If for no other reason mentioned thus far, website design will remain a consistent part of the future because every business competitor will be doing it. Brands are willing to go the extra mile to get an edge over the competition, even if it means holding out on a phased-out space for a little longer.

For instance, while PayPal is a global payment option for many businesses and individuals, other payment services like Payoneer provide similar or even better services. As a result, people who can’t use PayPal or dislike the platform are more likely to buy from businesses with a Payoneer option than they are willing to open a PayPal account for a one-time purchase.

Website design will grow to allow businesses to match their competition and vie for their portion of the market.

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