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How to attract talent for your startup


How to Attract and Hire Talent for Your Startup

Elizabeth Mackenzie, 05 May 2022.

Startups are driving the global economy. Entrepreneurship is one of the most important trends taking place worldwide since 2021. With the inflection point that stemmed from the COVID-19 pandemic, many professionals decided to take on their financial projects. This is why many businesses are rising as a solution for employment issues.

If you are thinking about creating a startup, this article fits appropriately with what you need to know and learn. In the text below, you’ll see how to attract and hire valuable human talent to boost the services and/or products you’ll offer.

What Are the Biggest Startup Employers in the US?

According to Forbes, these are the top ten startups with the highest workforces in the American economy:

  • •  Commonwealth Fusion (Energy Industry)
  • •  Nuro (Robotics and Engineering Industry)
  • •  Lyra Health (Healthcare Industry)
  • •  Shopmonkey (Software Services Industry)
  • •  Suzy (Advertising and Marketing Industry)
  • •  Lacework (Security Industry)
  • •  Brex (Finance Industry)
  • •  Stavvy (Real Estate Industry)
  • •  Gong.io (Software Services Industry)
  • •  Corvus Insurance (Finance Industry)

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Forbes Lists - Top Startup Employers
Illustration by Asya Demidova

Interesting Tips to Catch & Hire the Best Talent for your Startup

Your work team is a valuable resource you need to achieve any objective in your company. Heed the tips below and learn how to retain top talent.

1. Build a Strong and Appealing Brand

Concentrate on developing every aspect of your brand's concept to create positive experiences for customers. This characteristic will directly attract professionals who see your startup as a great opportunity to gain experience and a reputation in the job market.

Another critical factor is to involve candidates in the growth of the brand. You must encourage potential employees to contribute innovative ideas to the company's growth. Hire people who know how to turn the startup into a problem solver for customers.

2. Post a Detailed Job Description

Candidates want to learn as much as they can about the job offer to ensure it is the best opportunity for them. Startups are the ideal places for emerging professionals to grow quickly as they seek to test their skills in the innovation market. As a result, as an employer, you must make specific hiring offers to candidates.

There is no better way to encourage potential employees to show outstanding performances than pledging good job benefits. You must also develop a training program, no matter how large or small, to help them reach their full potential.

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3. Invest in your Existing Employees

The more you invest in creating more specialized and accurate professionals, the better. Many candidates want to work for startups because they see them as a growing team of efficient people. Teach your current employees to take the lead on new projects to improve services and products. This way, you'll be able to attract more experts with more innovative and profitable business ideas.

Implementing a referral program can also help you build a hiring network. Allow your employees to promote the startup through word-of-mouth. As a result, if your company pledges professional development opportunities, it will entice other professionals to join. Offer software skills programs to your employees.

4. Offer Lucrative Benefits & High Salaries

If your budget already allows for the expansion of payment opportunities, don't hesitate to start offering high salaries to entice people to apply. Professionals are also looking for good businesses to help them grow financially. If you become a reference in payment quality, your startup will gain a well-known name and market position.

5. Emphasize Tech Talent

Conduct extensive research to find tech-skilled people and understand the enormous value of information technology management in today’s world. Only request professionals with tech skills in cloud computing, software development, website design, and data analytics.

One of the most important factors to consider when evaluating candidates is their domain grade in coding and IT tools. You can also look into coding bootcamps to find new talent. Schools like Springboard, Coding Dojo, App Academy, Thinkful, and General Assembly offer hiring partnerships to recruit tech graduates.


Startups are the future of the economy. These companies will shape the new job market to attract a new type of professional: those from the digital era. Furthermore, startups are expected to generate a recent massive capital inflow to feed the global economic system. Emerging businesses are creating more job opportunities and opportunities for professional advancement. See technical skills employers look for in 2022.

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