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Interesting tech and internet design related subjects such as:  how to choose the best stock photography for your brand;  fonts for branding and the importance of typography readability;  tech salaries during the pandemic;  and how to create killer website content with SEO to maximise your internet design online exposure.
Find blogs on the early signs of website hacking and what to do if you suspect your website has been hacked; also design rules for the ever changing social media platforms; and how to choose the best web host for your website or blog, which is not always the most expensive choice.
We publish internet related articles on external business websites and tech related sites regularly, and frequently post articles on our website, so check back to see the latest information on all things web related with a focus on business growth for small business websites and tips for choosing the best website designers.
7 Effective Internet Design SEO Tips for websites
7 Effective Internet Design SEO Tips

The Google search engine is constantly improving its technology and relying on artificial intelligence to keep the results going. To help drive SEO this year, I've created 7 effective internet design SEO tips and reminders. Use the tactics and knowledge that is best suited to your goals.

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Top 5 ad agency logo design transformations
Ad Agency Logo Design Transformations

Logo design is central to any effort of brand creation. It takes years, sometimes decades, to perfect a brand’s perception. Getting the logo right requires a whole lot of money, time, and creativity. Nobody knows it as well as ad agencies. When they change their own logo, what lessons can we learn?

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Web design tech salaries during the pandemic
Best Stock Photography Websites in 2021

We have found and reviewed 8 of the best stock photography websites for your internet design needs. Our list consists of totally free stock photo sites (if you're on a very tight budget), as well as premium stock photography websites which charge a fee per image.

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Web design tech salaries during the pandemic
Tech Salaries during the Pandemic

The demand for tech workers has increased significantly this year because of the coronavirus pandemic. Technological innovation has been the theme of the Covid-19 pandemic. As the demand for tech experts increased, their salaries surged.

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How Internet Design photography helps digital marketing
How photography helps digital marketing

The rapid growth in the ability of smartphones, digital photography, and instant image sharing has put the use of photography in digital marketing at the forefront of online marketing strategies. The photography you select must match your brand, internet design and website content.

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Website designers articles branding logo design typography
Typography for Logo Design

Typography is no less important than the design that brings life to a logo and makes it eye-catching. The appropriate use of a typeface enables you to communicate with your viewers and gives them the right message for your brand.

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