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What to look for when selecting a web design company


Things to look for in a web design company

Penelope Hunt, 15 July 2022

One of the most challenging things when it comes to launching a site for your business is selecting a website designer. Since there are countless web design companies out there, it can be hard to figure out which is the most suitable one.

This is not a decision you can take lightly. In fact, your site will be the online face of your business, meaning it will be the key point of contact for most of your visitors and potential customers. The website will be the driving factor that determines if people will opt to do business with you or not.

Due to this, it’s important to pick a design company that can actually assist you in reaching your target audience, and meet your business goals. How exactly should you select the right company? Is there a set criterion you can use? Listed below are vital things you must look for when searching for a web design company.

1. The website designers pay attention to your ideas

You are a professional in your industry. Therefore, you already know what you sell or the services you provide, including how to present the ideas to potential customers. What’s more, nobody understands your business more than you do, so if the website designers don't listen to your ideas, it will be difficult for them to create a site that reflects your ideas. They must listen to your ideas keenly and put them into action instead of creating their own creative project based only on their own ideas.

2. They have brilliant ideas of their own

Although it’s vital for the website designer to listen to you, you do not want to work with professionals who are just yes-men.

Yes, you know and understand your business needs, but your site should be designed by people who know design. If the design experts simply nod their heads without offering suggestions to what you say, then you will not get quality services. The designer should bring exciting ideas that can give you a stunning website that stands out from the crowd.

3. The design agency has digital marketing know-how

A web design agency that doesn’t have a marketing team is a like a fancy car that lacks an engine. Yes, it will look great, but it won’t go anywhere. To get an eye-catching site that really works, you need to have an agency that has digital marketing know you. If the agency has a web developer, creative designers, and digital marketers, and offers stunning photography and video services, you can be sure the finished product you’ll get will be outstanding.

Website designers with digital marketing know-how.

4. They provide CMS and custom websites

All reliable agencies are familiar with the best systems for content management like Wordpress, Magento, and Drupal, to name just a few. If you do not want to sell your products online and are looking for a unique brochure site you should consider using a website designer who provides custom websites and offers a reasonably priced updating service.

Going down the html route instead of having a CMS site can be an advantage as page loading time will be faster and sites can be custom designed and optimised specifically for your business instead of using pre-built templates which lack uniqueness. So if you are time- constrained, consider using a creative html web designer to manage your online presence.

5. They understand responsive web design

Responsive design isn’t a trend; it’s an ideal way of designing websites today. In case your web design service provider is not well versed in responsive web design and suggests that you get a separate mobile site, then you should know they are not right for you. Even though separate mobile sites can have some benefits in some cases, responsive design is better and a more preferred solution. Since mobile usage continues to dominate, you need to ensure your company’s site is optimised for all mobile devices. The right web design agency will easily get you there.

6. The agency works at national and local levels

Whether your firm is a local business, national or international brand, you need to work with an agency that’s experienced in working for local and national brands in many fields. If a designer only works with local similar companies, then there is a probability your new site will not be designed for immense success. The greater the audiences a website designer knows, the better the services you will get. This means your site will manage to accomplish your business goals. You require an expert who thinks both small and big.

Website Designers custom websites with streaming video.

7. They will keep up with modern design trends

The last thing you expect from your new site is a design that’s outdated. Your web designer must keep up with the modern design trends and latest technology. Customers will trust your company if you have a modern website. Therefore your web designer should be familiar with parallax, flat design, scrolling, responsive, including other dozens of elements and styles.

But this doesn’t mean that they should only focus on pushing the new fads. He or she should balance between the latest in trends and proven elements.

8. They have a live website portfolio

Is there an ideal way to find out if a web design firm knows what they do? Check out the work they have done and be wary of companies that only provide screenshots of homepages. You need to see the sites they have created so be sure to look through their portfolio and ask for links to their websites - then visit the websites they have successfully designed. Do you see anything you like? If not, then this means the company is not a good fit.

9. The web design company has longevity

While the web changes very rapidly nowadays this does not mean that you can trust any new web design company that hasn’t been offering services for more than a year or two. Tons of new web design companies pop up each year – and a significant number don’t make it to the following year. You want to hire one that has been around for some time, and still plans to stick around.

If a company has operated for many years, it means they have the experience and know-how to adapt and change to the different trends of the internet and have the design skills and digital marketing expertise.

Finding a suitable web design agency isn’t the simplest job a business owner has. But when you find the right designer for your website, your job will become a whole lot easier.

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