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We began our first web design blog during the strict Covid-19 Lockdown in Auckland New Zealand when website design work had slowed down significantly and a few of our clients in the hospitality industry had either sold up or closed down.
Our first article featured the early signs of website hacking and what to do if you suspected your site might have been hacked. This was a result of the heavy increase in spam and phishing emails we were receiving at the time and realised that a few of our clients might become victims of hackers. We also wrote about rules for the ever changing social media platforms and how to choose the best web host for your website - not always the most expensive choice.
We also publish internet design articles on external tech-related websites regularly, and frequently post articles on our website, so check our articles to see the latest information on all things tech with a focus on how to grow your small business websites and tips for choosing the best website designers and web design agency.

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Website tech skills in the digital era
Five Design Rules for Social Media

Even though trends come and go, there are definitely some parameters that you must know in order to design social media visuals that have a real impact. These rules range from the practical to the creative and include what image sizes to use for the latest social media platforms.

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Why your website is not generating leads
How to Create Killer Website Content

Website design isn’t just about bold colours and sleek fonts. The most popular sites show up on search engines and draw in visitors because they offer valuable information about niche topics. To create a quality website, you must first start with quality content and include great visual images.

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How to choose the best web host
How to Choose The Best Web Host Package

There are tons of tutorials on how to start your own website on the internet. These tutorials however do not show the rigors of having a website. Starting up without proper professional support could jeopardize the whole thing and you may have to start from scratch.

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Website design tricks for exponential business growth
Website Design Tricks for Business Growth

A lot of business sites offer the same type of services. What follows after going through these websites is the question of which website to stick with. The answer mostly rooted for is the website that provides the user with an improved experience.

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10 Early Signs of Website Hacking
10 Signs of Website Hacking

Early signs of a webpage breach must be noticed because studies have shown that hackers are present every 39 seconds, affecting online businesses faster. To avoid completely losing your site, here are some early signs you should be aware of when your page has been hacked.

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