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Online growth for your business website

Penny Dower Hunt, 1 September 2020.

A lot of business sites offer the same type of services. What follows after going through these websites is the question of which website to stick with. The answer mostly rooted for is the website that provides the user with an improved experience.

The growth of any online business is a herculean task - with growth plans, marketing strategies and product creation. All these tasks need attention, however, an online presence is highly efficient for the exponential development of business.

A company website that has a lacklustre design or one that is slow to load will no doubt have a reduction in its number of visitors. This is however not the same for one that has a unique interactive website design.

How trustworthy is your website?

From studies conducted, it can be inferred that what makes individuals complete a purchase from a website is trustworthiness. When customers feel secure and at ease while visiting your website, they are more likely to complete a purchase and more likely to make repeat visits.

What this boils down to is having a strong and compelling website design hosted on a secure server. In order to create the spirit of trustworthiness, the website also has to be easy to navigate and very straightforward. Great testimonials, the level of transparency and good products are integral to building repeat customers.

How to generate great revenue

To boost the success of a business, it is essential to invest a lot in the website design, as today’s world is web-oriented. Successful brands make use of the services of top website design companies. The benefits of a well-designed website cannot be overemphasized - branding is portrayed better, traffic is converted to leads and users made to feel at ease which all helps to generate revenue for business growth.

What is a responsive website?

A responsive website design simply entails designing a website in a way that makes it fit to the screen of any tablet, laptop, smart-phone or desktop. The level of mobile friendliness should be given serious consideration since we are now living in a mobile society. Responsive website design makes sure that the features and actions are accessible regardless of the type of device a user is working with. It should all be arranged in a very clear manner.

Website design tricks

A great website design helps in creating a trustworthy, professional business image. If the website is easy to navigate, has a visually compelling design and is informative, visitors will stay longer and be more likely to take action. Good navigation also helps search engines index your content while improving your viewers’ experience.

The website design tricks outlined next have proven to be highly effective in making businesses stand out and turn their website visitors into loyal customers.

What is parallax scrolling?

Consumers tend to leave websites that require them to put effort into clicking through several sub menus to find what they are looking for. Parallax scrolling is a more efficient way to navigate to the main features you wish to promote. Parallax scrolling is an engaging form of animation with a simple swipe being enough to make your way through the page. With little effort to navigate, the customer will likely spend more time on the page. It also has the added advantage of making it easy for the user to prioritize the content. A case study carried out by SEO for lawyers shows increased business growth is experienced when this tactic is utilized instead of using short sales pages. The Brotherhood website is an example of one of our client websites using parallax scrolling.

Above the 'fold' in web design

There have been a lot of arguments about whether the ‘fold’ matters or not in web design. “Above the fold” refers to the prime real estate in print journalism and now also relates to website design. Whatever is placed above the fold ensures users will see it and read it first with little effort. The best website design strikes a balance between visual appeal and having the right amount of information for visitors to absorb at a glance. Having too little information above the fold may result in users leaving the site without further engagement. Too much information above the fold may have users feeling overwhelmed. Below are tips on how to hook users by leveraging the fold:

1. Clear descriptive headlines

Make your value proposition clear at a glance with a concise descriptive headline. Explain what visitors can get from visiting your website. There is a need here for brevity and clarity.

2. Calls to action (CTA)

Calls to action are important in website design. A lot of times consumers don’t know exactly what to do unless they have been explicitly told. This is where a call to action can help. In some cases, CTA placement above the fold may put too much pressure on visitors to book or buy before they understand their options. While a call to action above the fold is usually considered best practice, it may be better to use the space to inform customers and compel them to scroll to get the most benefit. Most internet users now are used to scrolling, but the placement of an animated arrow or ‘scroll down’ sbutton will inform all users that there is more below the fold and is often enough to convince consumers to take further action.

3. Video landing page

It isn’t surprising that 78% of internet users are known to watch videos online on a weekly basis. Videos now act as a very powerful means of spreading information about a brand or business. Video incorporation on your website is also known to help generate leads. It is important that these videos are visible on all devices from smartphones to laptops, desktops and tablets.
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