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how photography helps in digital marketing

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how good photography helps in digital marketing

Penny Dower Hunt, 3 February 2021.

Photography has been around for centuries and luckily, it no longer requires an expensive professional camera to take a great shot thanks to smartphones that have become an integral part of our daily lives. But what does that have to do with digital marketing?

The rapid growth in the ability of smartphones, digital photos, and instant image sharing has put the use of photography in digital marketing at the forefront of online marketing strategies. For example, when was the last time you read a blog post or article on the web that had no picture to look at? When was the last time you posted anything without a picture on a social media platform?

Because an online presence plays such a big role in the success of businesses in today’s society, we cannot ignore the impact of photography in digital marketing. Facebook alone has over 2.2 billion users and Instagram, the relative newcomer has over a billion users.

the definition of digital marketing

What exactly is digital marketing and how is it different from traditional marketing? The industry has changed dramatically in the last two years. This includes all digital platforms that consumers use on a daily basis, including video, email, podcasts, blogs and social media.

These platforms differ from traditional marketing, which includes television advertising, billboards, and flyers. At a very basic level, you can think of digital marketing as marketing that can reach consumers who use a mobile phone all day long.

A large-scale digital marketing campaign could include advertising on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, blog posts, and even podcasts. Today it is not possible to draw up a comprehensive marketing plan without involving any digital marketing, and it is quite possible to launch a marketing campaign on a large scale using only digital marketing.

To reach the widest possible audience, any marketing strategy must be based on reaching smart phone users, working on all the popular platforms they frequently use.


10 ways good photography helps in digital marketing

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Here are 9 reasons why you should focus on photography to promote your business.
1. Captures Attention

While video, sound and text are important elements of modern marketing, there is nothing better to quickly attract attention than photos. To see this effect, just look at the billboards: An eye-catching photo is exactly what you need to draw the eyeballs and start the stretch. It is noteworthy that the use of photography in advertising dates back more than a century and people are trained to effectively search for photographic elements in everyday life.

2. Delivers a message without words

The human brain processes images quickly. Faster information, such as an image, always rises above other media. The photos you select must match your brand, mission and content.

3. Establishes a non-verbal connection

Ideally every brand wants to stand out and be memorable. When customers associate you with symbols or even photo styles, that’s an achievement. Think about the fact that most of our communication is nonverbal. Incorporating visual elements and completing them with good copy is the mission of the marketer. You are looking for the imagination of your audience, so professional creative photography is a must.

4. Viral potential

The photo can also send your statistics through the roof. People see something that grabs their attention, they support you and your goal, and they share. If something circulates enough in the online community and social networks, you can see a significant increase in the number of visitors. More visitors simply means you have more potential customers. If you are consistent, you just need to keep building the loyalty and trust of your customers.

5. Establishes brand credibility

You may not think about it right away, but consistently a great photo adds to the credibility of your brand. It tells customers that you care about small details, that you have a great aesthetic, and that you’re generally a strong brand. If you pay attention to the stock photos you post on social media or on your online store and include images in a WooCommerce product list, customers really appreciate that. Keep in mind that photos can enhance your message and allow your target audience to connect quickly.

6. Emotional appeal

People react strongly to other people's images. While text and audio can be effective in communicating the most critical selling points for your product, they can't create the same emotional impact as a photo. When advertising, it is important to remember that people are rational beings: emotion is important when selling a product, and matching the right emotional elements to a convincing pitch can lead to much greater advertising effectiveness.

7. Inspires action

A good example of this is photo-based ads on Instagram. You've probably hit yourself by clicking on an image that appears on sponsored content. This principle works on many platforms. If you have an attractive photo and a clear CTA, you have a winner. Most Internet users follow an action if it is supported by visual content instead of plain text.

8. More engagement

Adding a photo automatically creates a larger link. This is the case with many social networking channels, blogs and even websites. If you could use media to increase engagement, knowing it works, why not use it?

9. Builds trust

Consistency is key. It's not enough that you have great pictures, you need to strive for coherence through all your social networks and other online activities. People appreciate fairly quickly and displaying professional images in context helps build trust. If they like what you put out there, they'll be interested enough to see more, follow you, or view your products.



It's true. If you are organized and use high-quality professional photography consistently, sales will increase. Successful photos help potential customers to visualize your product or service. If they support your goal or are interested in what you offer, they will want to order. And check out small business marketing agencies to market your small business.

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